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Re: [linrad] Linrad Questions

Hello Joe,

I have also sustained some set backs in the past few days.

I have no clue on what to do with the video issues. except to:   
./vgatest  at the resolutions you expect to play at
and the    ./mousetest   to verify that the mouse is playing.

Under my SUSE 9.0 and YAST, (under ncurses) I can exercise or test the 
sound card outputs thru a local speaker.
Im am currently using ALSA sound card drivers and the  alsamixer -c0     
or -c1    command will start up a mixer board.
My shotgun approach is to set all volume levels to about 50% and un-mute 
all inputs and outputs, for both sound cards.
I can mute unused ins and outs later.

I have a Delta-44 and a Soundblaster 5880 , both pci soundcards. I am 
avoiding the complexities of the motherboard
AC'97 sound.

The   hwinfo --sound      command will show some status of the 2 sound 
cards and may give some clues.

I am  at runlevel 3 for command line , text,  commands   to avoid my 
lack of knowledge of the gui applications.

Last thursday night I got LINRAD running and could see and hear my 1000 
Hz test tone.
However, the output was from the Delta 44 card. not the soundblaster card.

Last night I concluded that my mouse was not operating properly, a 
generic ps/2 type.
under the app    ./mousetest    and svgalib-1.9.18  I got a out of scan 
range error.

Stan, WA1ECF

Joe Taylor wrote:

> I guess I need help, as I've made negative progress with linrad recently.
> As reported a week ago, I am operational at SSB-radio bandwidth and 
> the AC97 sound system built into a Dell PC with an Intel motherboard.  
> I'm using the OSS drivers (with the free demo license) for the sound 
> system.  All seems to work OK in this mode, and I've had fun getting 
> used to linrad operation.
> As the next step, I installed a Delta 44 sound card, paid for and 
> installed the OSS license, recompiled linux, and fired things up 
> again.  I configured the A/D and D/A so as to use the Delta 44 for 
> input and the on-board sound for output.  Input seems to work fine; I 
> can see signals in the wide spectrum, the big waterfall plot, and the 
> baseband display.  (I am not using FFT2 right now.)   But I can't seem 
> to get any audio output at all.  Clicking on a signal with the mouse 
> produces the vertical green line, as expected.
> I can go back to the originally compiled version of linrad, and 
> everything works OK as before.
> I have things set up for 8000 Hz sampling on both input and output.  
> It surely is significant that at the bottom left of the screen, linrad 
> reports "A/D: 8000 Hz   D/A: 0 Hz".  That looks like no samples are 
> actually being sent to the output device, /dev/dsp0, so of course I 
> get no sound in the speaker.  What have I done wrong?  The file 
> soundboard_init.log looks OK to me.
> One more thing, I believe unrelated to the sound problem. Somewhere in 
> all this messing about, my display has gone flaky when in svga mode.  
> Specifically, after running linrad for some time -- typically 20 
> minutes or so, I think, but I haven't timed it carefully -- the screen 
> goes dark.  It's very much like a power-saving feature or a 
> screen-saver has been activated. Moving the mouse or striking a key 
> does not revive it, but if I type CTRL-ALT-F7 the X11 display comes 
> back up, as it should; and then if I hit CTRL-ALT-F1 I', back in 
> linrad, still running, with the display looking normal.  Has anyone 
> here seen something like this, or have a clue what is going on?
>             -- 73, Joe, K1JT