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[linrad] RE: Linrad Display still VERY dark.

Hello Christoph,

> I have been playing around for a while now. VGATEST detects my 
> Rage ATI card 
> correctly and I find a number of settings, where I get a 
> brilliant test image 
> in high resolution. I am offered about 60 settings in VGATEST but Linrad 
> offers me about 20. Those I found working well do not appear OR 
> the image in 
> Linrad is so dark, that I hardly can read anything from the 
> screen so dark is 
> it. Any ideas ?
There must be something wrong with the device driver.
Linrad only allows those video modes that have a 256 colour
palette. My feeling is that 16 colours is not enough for a good 
waterfall graph but speed of graphics is a limiting factor
sometimes so Linrad uses less than 256 colours.

Do you have the latest svgalib? If not, you should install it.
The new VESA driver is about 300 times faster than the old one
on my system so there are significant changes in the code.
Maybe the new VESA will be ok in case the new svgalib still
has problems with the Rage ATI card :-)

To install svgalib, I suggest you first install the kernel
development package, then recompile the kernel without any
modifications to it to make sure all header files are in place.
(You probably do not have to do the full procedure, but 
svgalib-1.9.18 needs some info from kernel headers)

svgalib is a headache but I have no better solution.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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> Gruss, Greetings, 
> 73 de Christoph Petermann
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