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RE: [linrad] OSS v3.99.1b and LynxTwo-A

Hi Stan,
I now have my LynxTwo-A soundcard. To make it work with OSS I needed to download the beta version of the program, 3.99.1b. It files things a bit different from my older version. Linrad appears to look for soundcard.h in a few places. My old OSS program put it in /usr/lib/oss. The 3.99.1b version puts it in /usr/lib/oss/include/sys. To make it work on my system I put a copy of soundcard.h in the /usr/lib/oss location.
cp  /usr/lib/oss/include/sys/soundcard.h  /usr/lib/oss/soundcard.h
All went well doing this.
OK. I will have a Lynx Two in a couple of weeks and I guess there will be
some changes in Linrad because of that...
My problem is now with the LynxTwo and the soundcard options Linrad gives. The LynxTwo shows up as a 2ch option so all I am able to select is 1 RX channel I/Q and not 2 RX I/Q channels. It seems to be working fine in the 1 channel mode with a Sound blaster for the output. Linrad only lists 16 options /dev/dsp. With all of my mixers and soundcards I have many more choices I could use. I ordered the cards so the Delta44 is last and is nolonger one of my 16 choices.  
Change setad.c, line 14. MAX_DEVNAMES should be one above the largest driver
number you want.
Leif / SM5BSZ