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AW: [linrad] svgalib_helper.o

Hi Stan,
I had to rename Makefile.alt to Makefile in that same directory and it worked.
I am setting up a second Linrad system. I too have been having problems getting svgalib-1.9.18 working. cannot open /dev/svga....
I tried to do the insmod .................../kernel/svgalib_helper.o and was surprised to find that my download of svgalib-1.9.18 did NOT produce a svgalib_helper.o in /svgalib-1.9.18/kernel/svgalib_helper!
I downloaded svgalib1.9.17 and had NO PROBLEMS! It did have the svgalib_helper.o and I was able to insmod it.
I would like to use the patch to upgrade to 1.9.18. I have gunziped the patch (patch-1.9.18) what do I do next to make it upgrade 1.9.17?
73, Stan, KA1ZE