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Re: [linrad] Linrad installation and first impressions

Christoph --

DF9CY wrote:

> !! When trying to move the skirts of the filter in CW-EME mode - Linrad
> decides to crash with a segmentation fault; every time.

I have observed this phenomenon also.  No doubt Leif will tell us what 
we are doing wrong when he finds the time.

I believe that when Linrad crashes during an attempt to move the 
baseband filter skirts, the message I have received is something about 
asking for a filter that is wider than the available window.  I have 
been able to fix the problem by restarting Linrad, "grabbing" the bottom 
of the yellow outline of the filter, and moving it toward the center. 
Then I go back to the paramater menus and change the final bandwidth 
reduction factor to something more reasonable.

			-- 73, Joe, K1JT