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RE: [linrad] Re: Lynx Two

That is my great disappointment with the card, and you are correct.
I have no idea why they went to the extra expense of the higher
sampling rate and then do not support it with increased front end
bandwidth.  If you are happy with below 22 Khz, the Emu 1212M
comes very close indeed to meeting the performance specs of the
Lynx 2 and L22.


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Robert McGwier wrote:

>After I
>got ASIO 2.0 support going using PortAudio 19, the Emu and the Lynx
>are outstanding Windows cards.  The Emu 1212M is not yet supported under
>Linux so far as I know and OSS is required for the Lynx 2 /L22.
  have you measured the frequency response of the EMU-1212M when 
sampling at 192 kHz ?
Reading the specs I found this :
Frequency Response: +/- .05dB, 20Hz - 22kHz
without any mention to the sampling rate....
Have you checked whether the card has a reasonably flat response up to 
96 kHz when
sampling at 192 ?  Thanks.

73  Alberto  I2PHD