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[linrad] Linrad 01.20 Problem


    I recently upgraded to SuSE 9.0 ( I know 9.1 is out, grrr) and updated 
Linrad 01.20.   I am using the audio from my HF rig and transverter so the 
sample rate is set to 8000 Hz.   I see about 4% CPU utilization and in the 
mono mode it works fine.   If I try to use any of the two channel outputs 
such as coherent processing I have problems.   The CPU still reads about 4% 
but the audio is chopped up badly like the processor can't keep up or is 
having to spend to much time doing something else?   I have the same 
results running linrad in a console in x windows or from a commmand prompt 
from run level 3.   Any one have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?   I never 
had this happen with SuSE 8.2.

Terry  KJ7F