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[linrad] Time domain plots

Hi All,

The WSE units and Linrad for a good spectrum analyzer for investigating
keying clicks and SSB splatter. With Linrad-01.21 there is a display
in the time domain, an oscilloscope function, that makes it easier to 
see the the envelope waveform compared to the soundcard test modes.

The "F4" oscilloscope operates on the full 94 kHz bandwidth and it
requires the system to be calibrated for accurate waveforms. 

Linrad-01.22 has a frequency display added to the "F4" oscilloscope.
Keying clicks may be caused by phase/frequency modulation, a good
RF envelope just guarantees that the AM modulation, the intended Morse
code is correct. There may be various phenomena causing phase 
modulation. In the worst case, a PLL might loose its locking.

There are some examples here:
with mirrors:

I am preparing for the EME2004 meeting where I will have a "Transceiver
Clinic" in which the WSE/Linrad system will be used together with
standard equipment to evaluate performance of various rigs.

I will upload Linrad-01.22 before leaving for the Conference and I
am interested in bug reports on Linrad-01.21 to have known problems

        Looking forward to meet several 
           of you in New Jersey, 73

               Leif  /  SM5BSZ