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Re: [linrad] RE:Speech processing (Linrad-01.25)

 Hello Roger,
Would you be so kind as to post all of the set up paramaters you use in recieving SSB? My new contest QTH has very strong interferance comming from a gas compressor plant 1 mile away. I am hoping the Linrad noise blanker will be of some help.
Thanks, Stan, KA1ZE
In a message dated 9/25/2004 9:24:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, w3sz@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
The receiver portion of 01-25 seems to be working very well.  I spent some 
time playing with it.  2 meter eme was quiet, so I contented myself 
listening to IK3MAC for a little bit as he was the only one on.  But he 
sounded like he was sitting in my driveway, and was '599' speaker copy 
with Linrad 01-25 ;).  I also listened to some New Englanders on 
terrestrial SSB on 2 meters, but I am working this weekend so I couldn't 
stick around longer to see if anyone else came on EME, or play further 
with the transmitter.

I had no noise today so I couldn't play with the noise blankers.

By the way, I think the possibility of a Linrad Transmitter is a superb 
one ;)


Roger Rehr