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RE: [linrad] Linrad-01.25

Hi Henry,

> I have linrad-01.20 working and recently installed 
> 01.25. I have a problem with 01.25. When I run it 
> (from the x windows terminal, i.e.. Run level 5) 
> I receive a prompt to enter the setup screen. After 
> I enter the "S" to obtain the setup screen, the 
> program terminates without warning. 
I am not aware I made any change between these versions that
could lead to this result.

I do not think svgalib is reliable under X, at least it
is not on my computer. I always run with Run level 3.

Are you sure that 01-20 works properly under X?
Try to install it in a new place and see if it 
works ok. Maybe you upgraded svgalib in between? 
I think older dvgalib versions run better under X.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ