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[linrad] RE: USRP - UniversalSoftwareRadioPeripheral

Hi Niels and all,

> I came across this today at 
> http://comsec.com/wiki?UniversalSoftwareRadioPeripheral 
> and I can't remember if someone had already mentioned it 
> on this list - looks like it could be a suitable hardware 
> option for Linrad if someone came up with a USB interface 
> to move the data into Linrad.

This is actually the kind of hardware for which Linrad was
designed in the first place. Somehow it should be possible
to implement the drive routines necessary into Linrad, I may
need some help but there should not be any serious problems.
I was looking at this kind of solution before starting to
develop the WSE converters but I found I do not have the skils
for a project like that.

The http://comsec.com/wiki?UniversalSoftwareRadioPeripheral
will perhaps not have adequate dynamic range in all situations,
it may need rather narrow roofing filters, but A/D converters
will surely continue to improve:-)

I think the WSE converters will be unbeaten for quite some time
but in most situations they have more dynamic range than actually 

GnuRadio has a team behind it and maybe they will incorporate
the functionalities of Linrad into it some day. I would welcome 
it if it happens. If it can be done without loss of performance 
I will drop Linrad and work with GnuRadio instead. My interest
is in the algorithms, I am sure others can make easier to maintain


Leif / SM5BSZ