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[linrad] RE: Fedora

Hi David,

> Interesting Leif, some time ago I installed Fedora and had problems  
> with the following:
> > I'm trying to get the latest version of svgalib installed on my Fedora
> > Core 2 system which is running the 2.66 kernel.
> >
> > I do not seem to able to insmod svgalib_hlper.o - I get error inserting
> > 'svgalib_helper.o': -1 Invalid Module format
Yes I had the same at first (of course)

There was no (easy to find) information available but some
trial and error convinced me svgalib_helper.ko was the
right file to load. Maybe it depends on kernel parameters
so it could be possible one of the other varieties is correct
for your system.