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RE: [linrad] RE: soundcard duplex mode

Hi Rob,

I tried to install RedHat 9 on my 200MHz MMX but I can not
figure out how to do it. Seems like the kernel on the CD
is compiled for an I686....

It works fine on my PIV computer, I tried to cecompile the
kernel but was unable to figure out how GRUB works. They claim
(in the big book I got the CDs with) that everything is so much
simpler now - but to me it is in the opposite way. I follow 
the instructions, they are more complex and in the end I can not
boot the new kernel.

I suspect oss3991h-linux-x86-v26.tar which is the one I use 
now with Fedora will not work under those old distributions 
that I can boot on my MMX....

In any case the problem is most likely OSS and I think they will
help you out. Should there be problems, I can supply an old OSS
version that works with an older Linux distribution. 



> I use Redhat 9.0, linrad 01.26 and oss3991h-linux-x86-v24.tar.
> When I do in linrad the 'U' option since I installed oss I get a 
> list of two 
> devices: /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp0 both marked 'wronly' en 'rdonly'. When I 
> select one, its opened as rwonly and the message that no write 
> device could 
> be found.