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[linrad] sound board question

Hi everyone on the list. 
I decided it was the right time to go from the previous LINRAD ancester 
(PCRX) to LINRAD. I installed successfully Mandrake 10 distribution . I'm 
really a beginner with no knowledge on LINUX . I'm easy with DOS , but 
LINUX is something different.
It was not possible to configure the sound boards directly from the 
installation program ( probably because the boards are non PnP) , but 
Mandrake asked to run SNDCONFIG , wich I did.
I'm using two sound boards , both SOUND BLASTER , both ISA boards ( so 
plug and play is not working). It is no problem to get one board working , 
but what does I have to do to get two boards working  for LINRAD?( one on 
input the other one for output) , is it possible to do this under 
SNDCONFIG , or wich way should I use ?
I'm planning to buy a second hand Delta44 later , I'd like to use linrad 
with my sound blasters 1st...
73's Dom/F6DRO