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[linrad] SVGALIB pb?

This is what I did :
Installed Mandrake 10 : no pb except a minor pb with sound board.
Copied SVGA143.TGZ into /usr/local/src   ( got the file on Leif's pages)
Unzipped it
made the TAR command , wich created the SVGALIB source directory
Went into this directory (CD SVGALIB-1.4.3)
typed MAKE INSTALL  things seemed to work OK

did an UPDATEDB to see the nex installed files

problem is : I don't see the LIBVGA.SO.1.4.3 into /usr/local/lib neither 
are they into /usr/lib/ , and even not at all on the disk if I do a LOCATE 
What is the pb?
73's Dom/F6DRO