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[linrad] svgalib install

Problem 1: no compiler installed...maybe the Linrad installation 
documentation should mention that you have to select the Developer package 
while installing LINUX ( it is maybe no pb for expert , but is one for 
linux dummies like me)
Problem 2:
the SVGA makefile.cfg is not using the proper tree Mandrake uses ( at 
least version 10) .

at one time the installation program tries to reach /usr/local/man and 
which normaly should be respectively
 /usr /local/share/man
there was also 2 lines to type to make a symbolic link to solve the 
/usr/local/lib  instead of /usr/lib.
I typed the 2 lines for /usr/lib like Leif told in his documentation .
then in make.cfg I could find  $prefix /usr/local/man , I changed it into: 
$prefix/usr/local/share/man , BUT no way to find the /usr/man I had to 
change into /usr/share man so ??????????????????????????????
Then I did a make clean , tried again make install , and got the same 
error messages , so now , I don't know what to do n except finding someone 
knewing linux better than me .
73's Dom