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[linrad] Gibson Magic and their ADSP-21065L SHARC DSP -Based Evaluation Board

I ran across something in the digital audio world today that is very unusual [at least to me], and I am not sure that it has any direct application to Linrad. But since it is a means for moving wideband 'audio' around very quickly, I thought some list members might find it useful or interesting. By wideband I mean "MaGIC uses state-of-the-art technology to provide up to 32 channels of 32-bit bi-directional high-fidelity audio with sample rates up to 192 kHz", to quote from their information sheet.

Joe Keer, W3KJ,  pointed out 'Gibson Magic' to me today.
Its a standard/system being championed by the Gibson Guitar Company to set standards for the professional world in terms of networks for digital audio devices and data transfer. They have a set of evaluation boards using an AD ADSP-21065L SHARC DSP and 8 channel audio with 24 bit CODECs.

The evaluation kit includes the DSP board, 8x8 Analog I/O, 40 pin ribbon cable, power supply, documentation and application CD and getting started guide. Apps include Router/Mixer and a suite of test applications for the engineer. (sine gen, loopback, enumeration, etc.). This requires a PC with a Serial port.

This is raw stuff, but I thought some on the list might find it interesting, particularly those [not necessarily in the music industry] who need to move large chunks of 'audio' data over their networks and control various 'devices' remotely as well. Some of the URL's are:

Index Page


Evaluation Board

Specs [for the MAGIC standard] [with link to pdf file]

The Video [don't miss viewing it, if you have the bandwidth to do so]

Feel free to email me to let me know if you find this interesting, or if you think I've misposted and wasted your bandwidth.


Roger Rehr

Roger Rehr