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[linrad] Linrad and Fedora Core 3

I accidentally sent this to Moon-Net where I am sure it left people scratching their heads,wondering what I was thinking posting it. I meant to post it here, as I was looking for advice. If you saw it on Moon-Net, I apologize. Fortunately Conrad emailed me to ask me if that is where I meant to send it, and gave me the opportunity to correct my error.

I am playing with installing Fedora Core 3 and Linrad.

I found that with Fedora Core 3 and Kernel 2.6.9-1.688FC3smp {I think I have the numbers right but I am not at the Linux machine right now} svgalib would compile without reporting any errors.

However, svgalib actually compiles wrong for 2.6.x kernels in that it tries toinstall in the kernel svgalib_helper.o, instead of svgalib_helper.ko. I was able to fix this by putting svgalibhelper.ko into lib/modules/.../kernel/misc and then insmod ing it. Once that was done, svgalib demos would run OK and linrad started OK.

However, when I reboot after the initial svgalib install, svgalib demos and linrad won't run even after insmod ing svgalib_helper.ko again after the boot. They fail to start, with an error message along the lines of:

cannot open /dev/svga
did you load svgalib_helper.ko?

which of course I had done ;)

if I then [laboriously] uninstall svgalib and reinstall it and insmod svgalib_helper.ko again etc the demos work and linrad starts until I reboot linux, and the same problem occurs after the reboot.

Does anyone have an idea about where I should look for the solution to this problem? It's a pain to uninstall and reinstall svgalib everytime I want to play with linrad and svgalib ;)

Happy New Year and


Roger Rehr

Roger Rehr