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[linrad] Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Soundcard

Hello Alberto,

I think the gotcha is the availability of software drivers for Linux.

Cost of that card was less than 200$US, last I checked,
but as I recall, it only had 2 channels of A/D and 2 of D/A.

Hello Stan,
from the M-Audio Web site :
Audiophile 192
High-Definition 4-in/4-out Audio Card with Digital I/O and MIDI
but then, in another page, they say :
2 balanced analog inputs (1/4� TRS)
2 balanced analog outputs (1/4� TRS)
so it seems there is a bit of confusion about that... the street price is around
159 USD + S&H
About the drivers for Linux, I don't know. I am a total Linux-ignorant, so I
will leave this answer to someone else...

73 Alberto I2PHD