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Re: [linrad] Fedora, mandrake, and debian

> 4.  I decided to give Debian a try.  

Sorry to hear you had problems.  However, you mentioned that you tried 3.0r4, 
which is the latest security update of the now now-ancient last stable release.
The thing about Debian is that stable releases live a *long* time, and rarely 
install easily on new hardware.  

I think you'd have a better experience with the pre-release of 'sarge' which 
is approaching release as the next stable version.  You can find images of 
this version at:


On x86 systems you'll get a 2.4 kernel by default but it's trivial to install
a 2.6 version later, or start with one if you want.  One of the big changes 
for 'sarge' is that it's based a new installer which asks many fewer questions
than the old one, has various degrees of automation for icky bits like disk 
partitioning, etc.

You might also want to take a look at the Debian-derived Ubuntu distribution, 
which you can find at:


It installs easily on most modern systems with a default desktop configuration
based on GNOME 2.8.  Most of the benefits of Debian without most of the pain.
They're aiming for new releases every 6 months.  They've also got a live boot
CD that you can try out without touching your hard disk...  And if you ask,
they'll mail you a CD set consisting of the live boot CD and the single-CD
installation disk... for free.  (see the quick links on the right)

Hope some of that helps you or others on this list.

73 - Bdale, KB0G