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Re: Total Success...was Re: [linrad] RE: Linrad and Fedora Core 3

w3sz@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, Ramiro, and everyone,

Thanks for the note and for the great interest!

Let me first say that I now have Linrad running fully [I think} on the new Fedora Core 3 system. It turns out that instead of /dev/mouse the proc was /dev/mouse0. So I just made a symbolic link /dev/mouse that points at /mouse0 and the mouse works fine ;)
I get noise out of linrad and the controls work as they should on the screen.

Next I wil move the computer to where the ANtennspecialisten Modules are, and give it the acid test ;)

Here are the answers to your questionns:

Nice that you have it working! Congratulations.

Both Debian and Ubuntu used XFree86 versions from 2003. SO my video
>[Intel 865 Extreme Graphics 2] card is not likely to be supported in
either installed version.  That is why XWindows wouldn't start, I think.
In both cases error messages were similar.

I am using debian "sarge" and my XFree version is xserver-xfree86-dbg 4.3.0.dfsg.1-10

i810(4) man page says:

       i810  supports  the  i810,  i810-DC100, i810e, i815, 830M,
       845G, 852GM, 855GM, and 865G chipsets

I dont know if 865G exactly matches your card.

As I indicated, I couldn't download new XFree86 as I didni't know
> the version of glibc that had been installed.

I do not understand why you need to know glibc version in orther to install a newer version of XFreee86. You can change the /etc/apt/sources.list file to point to the "sid" branch, sure you will have there the new Xfree version, or Xorg, I do not know.

Ok, you can try and experiment Debian later ;-). Sure Fedora works
quickly out of the box, but sure you will run into problems later when
upgrading software, hi,hi...

Well, I have used Red Hat only beginning with 6.2 and even though I am NOT a computer person [and don't want to be; I just want to run Linrad ;), with RedHat I have been able to get up and running faster than most
>using other systems, and I have updated RedHat many times with no major problems.

THis was the worst I ever had it, and it just boiled down to a single
>line of code and a symbolic link to get everything running.

And with far more time spent on Mandrake and the Debian distros,
>I still haven't even got to an XWindows environment.
>So I am not yet convinced of the advantages of those distros for those
>of us who are not computer people, but just want a tool to get something done ;)

I believed that  Mandrake should be able to configure X automatically :-(

Well, If you feel confortable with Fedora and you use only to run linrad, of course you do not need to change. There are many Linux distros and one can choose whatever distro likes more. I just wanted to help you in case you choosed Debian.

Debian systems need to be installed once in the life of the computer. I
know that Debian losses many possible users cause the Xwindows initial
failure. When I installed the woody version, it also failed to start X.
Is your card suported in the XFree version Debian sarge provides? What
card type have you got in your FEDORA Xwindow config file?. I mean the

In Fedora Core 3, the file Xorg.conf has for my video card:

Section "Device"
	Identifier  "Videocard0"
	Driver      "i810"
	VendorName  "Videocard vendor"
	BoardName   "Intel 865"

So things seem to be working for me with Fedora Core 3 and I am Happy.  I can go back to doing radio ;)

Ok fine, that is what I should do. I am playing too much with computers instead doing radio ;-) My EME antenna is crying alone in the countryside..... :-(

If you choose Debian in the future I will be pleased to help you.

Good luck and enjoy radio.


Thanks everyone for all the help, and