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[linrad] oss3992a and Linrad-01.30

The problem with oss3992a is that the way the speed setting 
operation works has been changed (but the programmers manual
is not yet updated.)

Starting with this version OSS no longer sets the nearest
speed actually supported by the hardware and reports that
back to the application program. The new operation is to
convert whatever speed the user tries to set to a speed 
actually supported by the hardware. Then (of course) the 
speed that the user wants is reported back to the calling 

For reasons that I do not understand, this does not work 
with Linrad. Maybe the rate conversion gives a speed that 
deviates too much from the nominal speed, maybe it is something

The new feature can be switched off and Linrad-01.30 uses the
new ioctl command supplied for this purpose.

	int cooked=0;
	ioctl(dsp_fd, SNDCTL_DSP_COOKEDMODE, &cooked);

I suggest you download Linrad-00.30 if you use oss3992a or later.


Leif / SM5BSZ