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RE: [linrad] Linrad-01.31a

On my system there were no crashes until after I had changed
the boot features to not allow hal to change my /etc/fstab and
to configure various other things differently. Something is
incorrect on my system since the mail system does not start
any more. I did not look at the error messages, I just disabled 
it, because the box is a radio receiver as far as I am concerned. 
I use the network only for ftp so I have not bothered about
other aspects of the configuration.

I have not seen any other problems with my Fedora 3 installation.
I will try to disable all unused daemons to see if the 01-31
crashes disappear. Maybe I can understand what is going on so
I can send a bug report to Fedora or OSS (or both)



> I just got back from dinner and will try 31a tomorrow. I did 
> write in my earlier
> report on ver 30 that I used the U menu successfully. I have a 
> delta 44, OSS,
> and Fedora core 3 running.  No crashes when I tried it. Maybe I 
> was just lucky?
> 73,
> Jeffrey