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[linrad] 1 step ahead

I did as Leif told me : cleanup everything from svgalib,then recompiled

So to give a  short of my experience, this is how I made it :

- Use 2.6.9 kernel as 2.6.10 do not allow the insmod of the
svgalib_helper module.
- build the svgalib as explained in linrad's site.
- build nasm  as explained
- build linrad as explained

Now comes my 'touch' to load the svgalib_helper. When you build svgalib,
you have a file called svgalib_helper.o in
the /lib/modules/2.6.9-1.667/kernel/misc/ folder, but this file is
useless ( sad isn't it ? ).You need to load the module from a file
called svgalib_helper.ko . If you followed the instructions, this file
should be there : 

So used the command :
insmod /usr/src/svgalib/svgalib-1.9.19/kernel/svgalib_helper/svgalib_helper.ko
to link it.I wonder if this command could not be added in
the /etc/rc.d/rc.local file to link the module at the end of the init
process ( I'll try this soon ! ). Of course when loading a 2.6.10
kernel, this command will give an error and linrad will not be available
( sad isn't it ? ).

Now, I am ready for the vgatest :

1st the mouse cannot be initialised, but I can have a look at a the

To setup the mouse, I have to edit a file called /etc/vga/libvga.config

I did   two things in it : 
- in the mouse type, I changed the type to PS2
- I added a mdev /dev/input/mice line in this section.

./vgatest do not give any error but when I close it, the shell seems to
receive a permanent carriage return. (What Have I done wrong ?)

Now it is time to launch linrad ( the goal of all this mess ! ) 
First it ask for loads of parameters that I have no idea about !
But at the end, I finally get a spectrum, and it lives !

But when I close linrad, the console is still corrupted by this
permanent carriage return...

Ok, now I have to learn more about linrad itself, and how I can use it
to listen to weak signals, but I am on my way. 

Thanks again to all who gave me informations about this installation.

Very 73

Patrick de F1EBK