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[linrad] RE: Linrad installation tests

> Does anyone ever tried to install linrad on a 64bits Fedora Core 3
> (x86_64) ?
Not that I know of.

> If such a test can be of any help, I can setup very quickly a 64 bits
> system, and report here what I found.
> At present times, this system is one of the very rare ones using 64 bits
> instructions, this may be the first step into tomorrow's systems.The sad
> news is that very few software runs on it...
In case you can make Linrad work it would be because the compiler
is set up to use 32 bits for float and int under C. Maybe it is the standard.
The assembly routines of Linrad explicitly use 8,16,32,64 and 128 bit memory
acesses and I am sure a 64 bit computer would do 64 and 128 bit access faster:-)

> Another question, is there a kind of user manual to learn how to
> configure linrad for a particular purpose ? 
Not really. Linrad is like a tool-box. You can build many things
from it for a wide range of purposes. "Linrad Home Page" and all the
pages under it contain a lot of rather unstructured information,
some of it is rather old by now so Linrad can perhaps do more than 
they indicate. The QEX articles is the only reasonably structured
description of Linrad but they only show the most common usage
of Linrad as a radio receiver for ham radio.

What are the particular purposes you have in mind?