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Re: [linrad] "A" Keyboard Command


Thanks for the very interesting post. If you want to make some audio files of a weak signal in all that noise received by Linrad with and without the noiseblanker, it would be great to post them on your website / Leif's website / my website / where ever you want and then for you to send a short email to moon-net and the vhf and microwave lists to advertise the posting and spread the word. An audio file is worth a thousand words ;)

Hope that helps!



On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 16:00:41 EST, <Stanka1ze@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The Linrad web site has much information. I need some help, The "A" command produces information at the bottom left corner of the display. I cannot find the description of what it all means. The number after the word "floor" means what? I have a noisy direction that makes this number go as high as 120+. Using the dumb blanker I am still able to copy weak signals in this direction.
Thanks Stan, KA1ZE

Roger Rehr