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RE: [linrad] RE: svgalib works only in VESA mode

It will be nice to be able to use Opengl in a windowing
environment and to resize the window at will.  This opengl
call could be the same across all platforms.  When Linrad
is multithreaded, I propose trying to do a Qt 4.0 incarnation.
That is because the exact same code will run across Windows,
Linux, and Mac's.  The threading calls will be identical in
Linux and Mac, and they are easily replaced for Windows
with their "modifications".  If I use QtThreads they are
in fact, identical.  Opengl will use full hardware
acceleration.  Qt 3 (not available GPL for Windows) and
Qt4 (soon to be released) have intefaces to OpenGL as part
of the package.  Then it is as good as your hardware driver.
It is hard to believe some of the motion graphics one can
do when doing hardware acceleration.  The other thing I
believe that having a GUI will do for us is to allow
the easy organization of all the switches into easily
accessible forms, with context sensitive help.  There are
parameters in Linrad that I discover every time somebody
new comes along or Leif tells someone how to do something
new or I ask a dumb question and get an answer.


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Subject: [linrad] RE: svgalib works only in VESA mode

Hi Terry,

> So for now I guess I'll have to stay with the forced 
> VESA settings.  To bad because the video card has a 
> fast GPU and it isn't being utilized.   Oh well.
I do not think the CPU on the card would be used 
even if you had a properly working driver. Linrad
mostly puts the pixels on screen one by one. Only
when the waterfall is updated rectangular areas are
moved to and from the video memory. I do not think
a video accellerator would help at all.

The VESA mode of svgalib-1.4.3 is very slow, but with
svgalib-1.9.19 it is fine. About 100 times faster
than 1.4.3 on my machine.

It would be interesting to know what difference it makes
when selecting VESA mode on a computer that can be run
with proper support for a reasonably modern card. I 
actually do not know if it makes any difference and 
what I say above is just what I think (my guess)


Leif / SM5BSZ