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RE: [linrad] RE: svgalib works only in VESA mode


I cannot tell you how happy I was to find Trolltech doing the "right
thing" with version 4.0.  I could never tell what it was I could or could
not do with the earlier licenses, including the "noncommercial" license
Joe mentions for the WIndows code.  It was just all too much for my
addled brain so I walked away from it mostly.  Now, we will be able to
develop cross platform, high level Gui code with a successful and
widely used development tool.  With the freeware versions of
Visual development tools


with sharpdevelop,  we will be able to compile LINRAD into a .dll
for Windows and link it to the Qt 4.0 front end.  All open source,
paying not one dollar to Micro$oft other than what you paid for the
OS if you have a Windows machine.  The person who started this
thread (pun intended),  compiled C, C++, and C# with the sharpdevelop
code and linked it to .NET stuff which is free for download from

Linrad is a terrific piece of work.  It could be much more widely used
and much easier to use with a different interface in my opinion;  enough
so that I am willing to work on it in my usual open source way.

Now if Trolltech would just GPL the embedded tools as well I can get my
PDA and set top box to do something interesting as well.  ;-)  If they
did that, we could run Linrad in the framebuffer mode with no windowing
system involved.  It is not QPL/GPL unfortunately, even in 4.0.  Maybe
by the time they do it, we can all run Linrad in a Windowing environment
and we won't care.


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Pierre Vanhoucke wrote:

 > Hello Bob,
 > This sounds very interesting.
 > Is there a specific tutorial you could recommend  for learning  Qt

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 is a good book.  It is freely downloadable 
at http://phptr.com/content/images/0131240722/downloads/blanchette_book.pdf

At present, you can use a GPL verison of QT on Linux, a non-commercial 
(but not GPL) version of QT is in the CD that comes along if you buy the 
book named above.  Sometime in June or so, trolltech will release QT 
4.0, which will be available for  OS X, Windows and Linux

Additional QT tutorials can be found at www.trolltech.com

-Joe KM1P