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Re: [linrad] cpu load benchmarks

Dear Roger and list,

  I had previously tried several different video cards with svgalib to
determine compatibility and finally settled on one inexpensive but very
capable card. Unfortunately, this particular card does not work well under
forced VESA. Only certain modes are VESA capable on this card and those modes
are not ones supported by linrad. So the bottom line is that I do not have a
comparative benchmark of the same card under VESA and also under ATI radeon.
  Since I am not using the other cards with linrad, there is no reason for me to
take the time to try them using VESA.

  At the least, the good news is that this readily available card works well
with svgalib-19 and with linrad. The vgalib.config file does not need to have a
line changed to recognize this card.