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[linrad] Setting up linrad on Sarge

Here is how I install linrad on Sarge.

First I used this install CD :

The netinst CD-Rom is much quicker than the mini CD . BE AWARE that
these single CD-Rom install tools download most of the packages via FTP
so if you do not have 1Mb/s transfer rate, this may be very sloooow.

When using the netinst CD-Rom, the volume control is working right at
the end of the install process (The mini CD gave an error). The video
board is set to 800x600 but higher resolution are not available in both
cases. Again, the Xserver is not mandatory if you want to install
Linrad, but if you want to use your system for other purposes, you can
use the command : dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 (you must be root for
This command ask you many questions about your system, but you can
answer to most of them with a simple 'Return'. The important questions
are : - The maximum resolution used.
      - The different resolution you want to use.

When you have finished, you must reboot your system (end session is not
enough to change the configuration of the X server).

If you give a maximum resolution higher than the maximum resolution
supported by your monitor, don't panic ! reboot your system and select
the recovery option.The system ask you to give the root password. Now
you can give the command 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86' again so you
can give a smaller resolution.

When your system has finished to reboot, go to the desktop preferences
then screen resolution. Now you can change the screen resolution between
the different resolution you selected before.

If you did install Sarge via FTP, your internet connection should
already work ;-) So the good idea is to use it to download the different
components needed  by Linrad by the mean of the 'Mozilla Web
Browser' (see Application - Internet)

You should download the following files to your personal folder
(/home/<your_user_name>) :
- lir01-33.tbz (linrad itself)
- svgalib-1.9.19.tar.gz (sri , I haven't tried 1.9.20 yet !)

(there is no need to download 'nasm' as we can to this with an 'apt-

Installing components :

First, we need to install svgalib but it won't compile unless we install
a kernel-header package. The command 'apt-cache search kernel-headers'
will give you all the available packages.If you do not know which one
should be used do this :

Switch to the text console #1 (type Ctrl - ALT - F1)
You should see a prompt asking a login : type root
Now the password (Type the password of the superuser)
On the first line, you should see : Linux Debian 2.6.x-y-zzz 
this is the exact version of your kernel. In my case, I have 2.6.8-2-386
so in the following, replace the x-y-zzz by the appropriate numbers.
BTW, you can go back to the graphical mode with Ctrl-Alt-F7

Intall the kernel-header with the folowing command :
apt-get install kernel-headers-2.6.x-y-zzz 
(you must have root privileges do to this !)

Check that you have a symbolic link called build in the
/lib/modules/2.6.x-y-zzz directory.

Ok, now we go back to leif's installation procedure :
cd /usr/src			( go to /usr/src )
mkdir svgalib			( create a svgalib directory)
cd svgalib			( go to that directory)
tar -xvzf /home/<your_user_name>/svgalib-1.9.19.tar.gz
cd svgalib-1.9.19     		(this may take a while !)

You have installed svgalib! If your system is new,you need to install
nasm with :
apt-get install nasm

now, we can install linrad itself :
cd /home			(goto your home directory)
tar -xvjf <your_user_name>/lir01-33.tbz
				( this creates a linrad-01.33 folder )
cd linrad-01.33 		( go to that directory )
./configure			(check dependencies and build makefile) 
make 				( compile linrad )
make svgalib		( install svgalib_helper at boot and /dev/svga )

cd /etc/vga
vi libvga.config		( edit libvga config file )
edit the line beginning  by mouse to select the mouse type, most of us
need : mouse PS2
add a line containing
mdev /dev/input/mice
:wq				( save modification and exit editor )

Now is a good time to reboot your system (this will load svgalib_helper)

open a terminal with root privileges :
cd /home/linrad-01.33		( go to linrad's directory )
./vgatest			( test svgalib config )
./linrad 			( enjoy linrad )


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