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WSE-hardware / SM5BSZ-documentation; Fwd: [linrad] Archive

Sir Leif,

I am happy to report that I have presumably received the full 5-unit
set of WSE-equipment at the OH1ZAA address. I will see that package
early next week, and I will then also take care of the payment to
Antennspecialisten. It was good to see you in action in Åland last
Summer, so it must be much easier to init the equipment right away.

It looks that you have had a server catastrophy of some kind with
the mailing list archives, and I hope that there never will come
a day that here would be no SM5BSZ-archives!! I bet that you have
good backup's on that fortune of knowledge.

                                     73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA/OHoMZA

P.S. I think that I will soon be ready with a bunch of new
     questions, following up on last year's initial theme.

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Subject: [linrad] Archive

Hi All,

There is currently no Linrad archive and there will not be
any in the forseable future.

I do however have all(?) postings in my MS Windows computer
and I can export them as outlook files *.msg. In case someone
has the tools to convert such files to HTML (or some other
suitable fornmat) it would be possible to upload them. Otherwise
the archived period will stay as Nov 03 2002 to July 19 2004


Leif / SM5BSZ