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[linrad] Live_W3SZ_CD suggestions / Live_to_HD install / HomePNA-init / Delta-ALSA; Re: [linrad] KNOPPIX.iso file

Sir Roger,

This is really great. I have served the W3SZ-Linrad_CD to four PC's
and they all went straight into Linrad-operation. Another four PC's
are waiting impatiently in queue.

Three PC's showed immediate audio input/output with the MB-integrated
VIA/Intel circuits. The remaining EPoX 4B2M+ board required a scan of
the sound parameters (U on the 'Linrad' start-up screen): sound would
work after setting the '00' configuration for read 'Only' (O/W-select).
Alsaconf identified the integrated audio as Intel 82801BA/BAM AC'97
Audio rev(12) [i810 driver].


Roger: your description http://www.nitehawk.com/w3sz/linrad_knoppix.htm
shows how to make the Live_CD. Everyone may want to have their own variant
of such a disk. However, I tried to install the Live_CD on the hard disk,
as it may be the most solid and adaptable "final" situation. However, I
was not able to find 'Linrad' back after installing. Possibly I missed
part of the documentation relating to the release of your CD.

One immediate improvement that could be done to save a lot of downloading
time among the projected number of hundreds of users, could be to do the
usual apt-get update/upgrade procedure, and make a new version of the CD.

After I installed the CD on hard disk, the upgrade required about 260 MB
of Knoppix (actually Debian) files (the usual improvements as the result
of ongoing Linux-development). 'Linrad' does not need these downloads to
operate, but if the PC is used for the future support of 'Linrad', then
it is good that the latest and safest tools are up-to-date. Certainly
new (Debian) downloads will be available almost daily, but the initial
transfer volume would be in low megabytes with a new May-2005 CD_issue.

Regarding the quest for 'Linrad' after installing W3SZ-Knoppix-Linrad,
I did 'updatedb' and 'locate linrad', and I got a load of references to
files and directories. However, even in root-mode I could not change to
the indicated directories. This is certainly still due to my ignorance
with the finest details of the Linux-system.

For HomePNA-users under this Knoppix version (and other distro-releases
after kernel 2.6.8) I recommend to issue the following commands as root:
'rmmod pcnet32'  'modprobe pcnet32 homepna=1'  and subsequent initiation
of Network Card DHCP services (Yes) via the "Fat Penguin" (lower toolbar).
This can be embedded in the configuration files, but I have not yet gone
through that exercise. Probably I will first check out the other 4 PC's.

                                73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA/2

P.S. As far as I can recall I only remember numerous failures with ALSA
     in combination with the Delta44-card. Any http:-link to one success?

At 22:39 3.5.2005 -0400, W3SZ wrote:

Hello, all, again!

As you have noted, Rein W6/PA0ZN has generously alotted space for the time
being for the KNOPPIX.iso file on his excellent Linrad Database page.  The
link can be found on the W6/PA0ZN Linrad Database home page, at


I have also added to my webpages [also on Rein's site] a webpage that has
a bit of explanatory text regarding the Linrad-Knoppix Starter CD at:

URL: http://www.nitehawk.com/w3sz/linrad_knoppix.htm

This is pretty much what I had sent around before, but now in HTML format
for easier reading, and with some additions/improvements.

Any suggestions on how to improve on either the CD or the Documentation
will be most appreciated.

Reports of successes and failures would also be most welcome.  In each
case, listing the

Computer Model [if commercial],
CPU type and speed,
mother board,
Video Card,
Sound Card[s],
Mouse Type [PS2, USB, etc]

would be most helpful.

This is the same info that we should all be entering on Rein's Linrad
Database page, with a few additions that I think are important in figuring
out what works and doesn't work with each Linux distro.

Yesterday I tried the Linrad-Knoppix CD on the
1.4GHz/Radeon/Delta44/Soundblaster and
3.0GHz/IntelExtremeGraphics2/Delta44/OnboardSound P4's at Hilltop.
XWindows worked in both, and svgalib worked and Linrad came up after I
selected the VESA drivers in libvga.config.  I get 48 KHz [not 96 KHz]
bandwidth in I/Q mode with the stock ALSA drivers in Knoppix, but didn't
get the proper input from the Delta44/ WSE units for some reason [i.e., I
didn't see/hear the 2 meter signals I expected to see/hear, and that I DID
see/hear when I rebooted into Fedora Core 3].  It may just be ALSA mixer
settings.  If so, that would be very nice as it would mean that installing
OSS or doing ANYTHING with the sound drivers is NOT NECESSARY with KNOPPIX
3.8.1. with 'the usual' hardware.  That would be great!  But at the
minimum, it looks like mixer / switch settings need to be fooled with.

So Knoppix has now allowed access to XWindows in 7 of 7 computers I tried
it on, and Linrad has come up in reasonable if not perfect fashion in 5 of
the 7 with little difficulty.

Has anyone else gotten proper Linrad input/output with the Delta44 running
at 96KHz using the STOCK ALSA drivers?  If so, I don't have to worry about
how to make OSS an easily installed 'option' [I don't want to install it
if it is not needed, as that will complicate things].

I think Ramiro's idea of producing standard .deb packages for Linrad and
svgalib is an excellent one.  I'd also like to fix [i.e. remove] some of
the security/safety features of Knoppix that can make it difficult to play
with, make a version where OSS is present and easily installed IF NEEDED
[perhaps it won't be needed], clean up the CD, etc...



Roger Rehr

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