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[linrad] Success with Abit KD7A and amixer; New W3SZ_Live_CD ; dark screens ; Re: [linrad] Re: Upcoming Data: Abit_IC7/NF7 - EPoX 4B2M+

Hello Leif,

Things have ripened to reply to one of your previous answers.

First of all I got the Abit KD7A operational with 48 kHz I/Q.
Formerly it had a strong square wave on the input upon starting
'Linrad' without any pre-configuration of the audio. The I-mode
for testing showed A/D max values 0 and 0 and A/D min of -17220
and -17220 and a strong square wave on the lower half screen...
The sound output was humming at max volume according to this.

I still have to repeat the set-up procedure in order to confirm
this proper operation, but anyway we know now that it can be done
with the Abit KD7A motherboard's built-in audio. With 'alsaconf'
and 'aumix' I could NOT get to the right result, but with 'amixer'
(just opening and closing it) after 'alsaconf' I could get the
signal for processing through the microphone input. It took the
FT-990 output and processed it with the indicated 0.99s delay.

Once this can be run form the hard drive I will transfer the data
to Rein's Linrad User Data Bank. The same counts for the PC-boards
mentioned before, pending Abit IC7/NF7/KD7A/(BP6) and EPoX 4B2M+.

W3SZ's new 'Linrad'-Knoppix ISO is a big improvement over the 1st
version. Actually apt-get update/upgrade does not need the 258 MB
of new (Debian-) downloads, but only 12 MB (if I remember) as of
today for 13 upgrades (which you will not need to run 'Linrad').
Again one big achievement; thank you for the great effort, Roger!
I guess the public download site will soon be announced....

Regarding "dark screen" 'Linrad'-boots I had already discovered
the "blind operating" modes, pressing the "right" keys based on
memorized sequences. But alas, that did not work last time when
I mentioned the problem. However, now I went a bit further, and
indeed edited the libvga.config of the Abit BP6 with a G400 MAX
video card for fixed sync-rates, and indeed I got the Q17S-LCD
(Huyndai) to show the Linrad setup (s) with H:80 and V:75 rates.
However, the screen setup parameters did not allow for more than
800x600, though the LCD has native 1280x1024 resolution. Knoppix
graphics is using that though during surfing action, etc...

Similar experiments on the ACER 1353 LC laptop failed so far, but
again Knoppix worked while booting with fb1024x768 "cheatcodes".
This again with Roger/W3SZ's new Live_CD after CDROM-boot.

Soon it will be time for a hard drive install of the Live_CD on
one of the machines, where a recent kernel 2.6.x Linux is still
missing. It is only after that and subsequent 'Linrad' successes
that I am going to add information to Rein_W6/PAoZN's Data Bank.
Please do likewise and keep us posted of your achievements!

                    73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA/2  (off for a swim...)

At 11:55 6.5.2005, SM5BSZ wrote:

Hi Zaba, Roger and all,

I am really happy for the Knoppix CD and the discussions
about it. Thanks Roger!

I have had mails from hams who claim they have spent more
than a month struggling with Linux and finally written
to me saying "I will skip Linrad - the Linux stuff is too
complicated for me".

The Knoppix CD is one way to solve the problem:-)

The other way is to make a MS Windows version and this
is my focus presently. (With very slow progress....)

> Also the ACER notebook would stay dark with 'Linrad', though
> all of Knoppix works well.
I tried the Knoppix on two computers and both of them stay dark.
The reason is that the horizontal/vertical sync rates are
wrong. In this situation, press S on the black screen.
(Another monitor would have shown the Linrad main menu)
and get into the svgalib text mode which most probably
would give a nice selection of screens. Try them (and find that
most of them, if not all, make the screen black).

The solution is to reboot, look at the screen before answering
the question about starting Linrad. The correct hor/vert sync
ranges are probably written to the boot screen. Take a note
what the values are and edit libvga.config so it contains the
correct numbers:-)

It must be possible to write a script that extracts the sync
rates from the boot log file and pastes them into libvga.config.
I think this would reduce the "black screen" problem.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ

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