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[linrad] Re: Linux Strikes Again

Hello Mike,

You just made the same mistake as I often do after a longer break:
It is 'knoppix-installer' [NOT 'knoppix-install']. I generally wake
up after getting the error report. If you have already the # prompt
at the start of the line, then you are already super-user, and thus
you don't need any of the 'su' or 'sudo' commands: #knoppix-installer

Regarding Linux/Windows I have the observation that the reason for
a virtually smoother "Windows User Interface" during SW-installs is
that the average user can do absolutely nothing with a Windows-file
if the install fails. Therefore it is useless to publish any buggy
Win-stuff, if there is no way to proceed. For example WSJT will tell
you that there is a missing *.ini file when you start it first time
after install, but it will build the default file at the very moment,
and the next time you start the application everything runs smoothly.
This is due to the professional dedication of Joe/K1JT. There is just
no way to do things in Linux-style in the Windows environment.

Like Leif pointed out, we would not have any 'Linrad' at all to play
with if it were not for Linux instead of DOS. And therefore most of
us have to put ourselves initially into "mini-developer" schooling.

Roger/W3SZ has now probably frozen the Live_CD at this stage with the
given features. I just downloaded the linradknoppix-2005-5-15.iso ...
but I failed the burn-process (in Windows!!) despite buffer underrun
protection. I will do a HD-install after I get the CDR "physical".

Next I will edit my notes for the needed config-changes. Actually
indexing of former email contents is an issue, as these changes
have been described by Roger/W3SZ and others already a few times
before on this [linrad] reflector. One optimization of this process
would be that the time normally spent on repeating information would
preferably be used for the construction of real 'Linrad' equipment.

                                 73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA/2

At 21:40 24.5.2005 -0500, W5UC wrote:

>Hi Roger:
>Thanks, I will have a go at that.  I worked tonight on the video thing. I 
>don't know if I have a nice large collection of bad video cards, or have 
>failed to locate the correct setting in svgalib.  If I press "S" after 
>starting Linrad, the video dies.  The video card in my main shop 
>machine(SiS )  worked well when I was using it.  I have a Diamond Stealth 
>3000 Pro(PCI) that I will put in the primary shop machine, and bring that 
>card over to the dedicated Linrad machine and see how that works.  It's 
>late and I am tired of fighting it for tonight.
>Oh, I tried typing sudo knoppix-install  after entering su, and it said no 
>such command or file.  Not a critical issue at this point.
>Mike, W5UC
>At 09:34 PM 5/24/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hello, Mike,
>>>Using the CD I can get Linrad working.  However, I had to revert back to
>>>a previous version.  I discovered that in 2005-5-15 version, the
>>>'"admin" tab where I click to get alsaconfig running is no longer
>>>there.  That is where I was able to go to set-up my sound card so Kmix
>>>would work.
>>You can just open a terminal window, type su, and then alsaconf.
>>Or click on the Big Fat Penguin, click on root shell, and then type
>>>I have some other issues that are hardware related and need to try to
>>>work them out.  Linrad isn't at all happy with my video card, (A Diamond
>>>Stealth)and I will look in my collection to find something else.  I am
>>>also having problems with Linrad wanting to cause oscillations in the
>>>computer audio. Not sure I understand that but will work on it.
>>Usually here this sort of thing [weird audio happenings] means that I have
>>not separated the input and output paths properly.  Experimenting with
>>KMix may help.
>>Roger Rehr

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