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[linrad] Re: Linux Strikes Again

Edit the libvga.config file near the bottom by uncommenting the 'vesatext'  
statement.  You may then find that the video does NOT die when you type  
"S".  This may not work, but it is worth a try.  It worked with one of my  
many different hardware configurations here.  This was mentioned in an  
email from Friday May 13.

I think I already noted [but am not sure] that a couple of days ago I  
tried the 'new' [2005-5-15] Linrad/Knoppix CD on a new set of hardware: a  
Dell 8400 with Radeon PCI Express video, onboard sound, 3.2 GHz  
Hyperthreading P4 processor, onboard 10/100 MHz NIC, serial ATA [NOT IDE]  
hard disk controllers, etc. and all works fine including running Linrad.   
Knoppix recognizes the Hyperthreading processor and comes up  
[appropriately] declaring that there are TWO 3.2 GHz P4 processors on  
board, each capable of a bit more than 6000 bogomips.  With 44100 sampling  
for both input and output [single sound card here forces this] with the  
default Linrad parameters Linrad shows 6% CPU utilization.  The point is  
that this is very nearly state of the art hardware [PCI Express video,  
Hyperthreading processors, serial ATA and NOT IDE hard disk controllers]  
and Knoppix recognizes everything right off the bat. This is a major  
improvement over pre-Knoppix installers, and I was frankly suprised that  
it worked without a hitch.  So Linux IS improving in this regard.

With this setup I run Linrad from XWindows by using a terminal window, and  
I don't get the problem with screen whiting out after leaving Linrad that  
I had when running it from command-line mode before entering XWindows with  
this setup.  So all is completely well ;)

You don't NEED to enter 'sudo' after typing 'su'.  But it will not 'hurt'  
anything to do so in my experience.  When giving instructions on the list  
I try to make each instruction line 'self-sufficient' so that someone who  
doesn't know the ins and outs of Linux can just pull out an instruction  
and have it work.  So I might well have given a set of instructions where  
there were multiple 'su' commands or a mixture of 'su' and 'sudo'  
commands.  Note that 'sudo' works only for the command that follows it on  
the command line.  So if you 'sudo' something you will NOT remain in root  
for subsequent commands, and must then retype 'sudo' [or type 'su'].  If  
you type 'su' you will remain in root IN THAT TERMINAL WINDOW for  
subsequent commands.  But NOTE that using 'su' applies ONLY to the  
terminal window in which it is used.  If you have multiple terminal  
windows open and use 'su' in one terminal window, the other terminal  
windows will NOT change to root when you type 'su' in one window.  And  
typing 'su' in a terminal window will NOT allow you to perform  
'root-level' operations on desktop icons by clicking on them [for example  
changing permission on hard-drive icons on the desk top].

I think that the best way to deal with Linux is to remember the 60's  

Life is a journey to be lived, not a problem to be solved  ;)



> Thanks, I will have a go at that.  I worked tonight on the video thing.  
> I don't know if I have a nice large collection of bad video cards, or  
> have failed to locate the correct setting in svgalib.  If I press "S"  
> after starting Linrad, the video dies.  The video card in my main shop  
> machine(SiS )  worked well when I was using it.  I have a Diamond  
> Stealth 3000 Pro(PCI) that I will put in the primary shop machine, and  
> bring that card over to the dedicated Linrad machine and see how that  
> works.  It's late and I am tired of fighting it for tonight.

Roger Rehr

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