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[linrad] Fwd: [linrad] Re: 'setgid' problem with linradknoppix-2005-05-05


I booted the HD and tried 'sudo su'   >>> response from Knoppix:

setgid: Operation not permitted.
$sudo su
zaba is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
$sendmail: .... date/time .... [2687] .....

So the 'sudo su' command queue failed and it invoked 'sendmail'

As I am not able to get to super-user level, then most probably
I can not make changes in permissions either. Therefore I may soon
switch back to your former Live-CD or try to install Knoppix 3.8.2
and possibly make life hard with private installs of svgalib-1.9.21
and lir01-34 (used to be a routine operation two weeks ago).....

Wishing you all a good weekend, full of Knoppix-challenges!

           73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA/2  [The (cluttered) sky is no limit]!

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Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 15:20:09 +0300
From: 'Zaba' OH1ZAA <zaba@xxxxxx>
Subject: [linrad] Re: 'setgid' problem with linradknoppix-2005-05-05

Sir Roger,

I have only one SATA-drive, and I have used it only once with
the Abit IC7 system to make a backup of my Win2k *.doc files.
My other motherboards don't have SATA-connectors, so I cannot
comment on the Linux-features, sorry.

I will try the 'sudo su' trick with the HD-install. Running
from CDR does not pose any problems as a simple 'su' changes
it to super-user #_prompt without a password. It works just
like before; the HD-install presented this new problem.

Google gives a lot of links to "setgid", but it takes too
much mental energy to study it right now, as it deals with
concepts new to me, and I'm trying to concentrate on building
and modifying a couple of 70 MHz preamps/converters instead.
It would be fun to have the WSE-units running on 70 MHz RX.

                                      73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA/2

At 14:34 27.5.2005, W3SZ wrote:

Hi, Zaba,

I can use the root shell and sudo without a password when running from the

But when running from a HD install, I have a similar problem.  Although I
can change the password with sudo passwd root, the change doesn't 'take'
and I can never get the root terminal window to work from the HD install.
Similarly, when I try to use su or sudo alone it is the same.  But 'sudo
su' works.  Why???  I don't know.

Zaba, do you have the problem when running from the CD, or just from HD?
I don't have the problem with CD, just when booting from HD.

I have a related problem for which I am asking for help from the real
Linux gurus [including you ;) ].

My new system for experimenting with this uses SATA drives.  Knoppix has
no problem with them.  I put 4 10-GB Knoppix installations on one of the
drives [one each for ALSA and OSS experimental and final] with no
problem.  But my Debian Network installer disk that we decided was the way
to go for Debian a couple of months ago [discussed on the list] doesn't
see the SATA drives at all.  I thought I would get around this by
installing Knoppix using a 'Debian-type' install on the hard drive, done
via 'sudo knoppix-installer'.  But even a Debian style install is too far
from the standard Debian for my liking.

Does anyone know how I can get 'real' Debian installed on my 'Debian'
partition when all I have are SATA drives?

I will continue looking into the 'root' and 'passwd' issue.  I spent
several hours on it last night before discovering/remembering the 'sudo
su' workaround.

Thanks, and 73,


On Fri, 27 May 2005 05:32:32 -0400, 'Zaba' OH1ZAA <zaba@xxxxxx> wrote:

Hello all,

Finally I got Roger's latest ISO burned successfully; it seems
that the previous failure was due to the DVD/DL burner or Nero-
software as it has failed before (it may even be a bug on the
Abit IC-7 system). Well, the Acer laptop delivered a good CDR.

SETGID-problem: Like before I installed the contents of the
Live-CD onto the HD, and everything went well, except when
trying to access root privileges. I could log in as a normal
user using the password, but when trying to become super-user
the password failed. I do know that the password is right, as
I get "Admission not permitted" (or similar) with a wrong one.

With the correct password I get a setgid-failure: something
like "Authorization.... (my memory is failing already...).

Maybe it is of importance that I am using the same password
for user and administrator, but this did not seem to matter
in former Knoppix releases. Experimenting gets a bit heavy,
if one needs to reinstall the whole CDR in order to find out.

                    73, "Zaba"  OH1ZAA/2

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