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[linrad] Re: Knoppix sound issue

Hi Brian,

Maybe you have slow graphics. At 200 Hz bandwidth the transforms
are produced at a rate of 200 Hz and with small numbers to average over
the time used by the graphics could overload the system - but then you should see something on the screen.
Hmm, it is an ATI All-In-Wonder 128 card base on the Rage 128 graphics chipset. I've been told that as far as 2D graphics goes not many cards are faster - now 3D that is a different story.

You may have detected a bug. Linrad may use up all the CPU time
because a flag has become incorrect telling the internal scheduler
that the highest priority task is xxx. If xxx fails to reset the flag
it will stay as the next task always.

The problem could be caused by some unusual behaviour of the sound
system but it could also be just "bad luck" in how much time different tasks take.

To tell me exactly what the problem is you should press "F" and wait
until you see numbers on the right hand side of the screen. Then press
"G" to make a screen dump from which I can directly see what is going on.
I've never been able to get a response from the keyboard yet, although I have not waited much longer than a minute or two before typing Cntl-C. I can try again and just leave it be for 10+ minutes to see if it responds.

The sound system is an Audigy LS card using the Alsa snd-ca0106 loadable module. This is the first time I've ever been able to capture any sound with the alsamixer command in Linux so I was encouraged that the sound system was working fine. In my prior endevors I tried using a M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (I could get neither the Alsa nor the OSS drivers to work properly.) When I used Linrad to test my sound interface I was really encouraged that I could see signals...

If the system is heavily overloaded the keyboard commands might not
work at all - and then the gif file would not work. Since you run the
Knoppix CD I can not send you a special version of wcw.c from which
one could see what the problem is.
When I perform the sound card test I get a vary low utilization on the FFT processing. Why is the main screen eating all the CPU time up?
Probably because of some mistake in the Linrad code. It will be
reasonably easy to find (and correct) if you make a full Linux/Linrad
installation. Maybe you can recompile with the Knoppix CD also, I
do not know. Hopefully Roger or someone else can tell.

I thought I could compile on the Knoppix CD... I will have to try, otherwise we could ask Roger to compile a Linrad version with your code in it and send the executable to me.. If I get time today I will see if I can compile anything on this CD and let you know.

The Linrad-2.xx series will not have any internal scheduler, such
tasks will be handeled by the kernel. This will eliminate problems
of the kind you (probably) experience now although there is a small
cost in increased memory usage and CPU overhead. The multi-threaded
verson will not replace the monolithic Linrad in quite some time
so I wolud like to find out what the problem is on your system.
I wait patiently - look forward to this version a lot for sure.



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