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[linrad] OSS-Linrad-Knoppix iso file

I have been trying to make an OSS-Linrad-Knoppix Live CD for those who
need OSS rather than ALSA [like those of us with Delta44 cards we want to
run at 96000 Hz] and have partially succeeded.

I found that for now, the Knoppix kernel 2.6.11 will NOT work with OSS on
some hardware.  On other hardware, it works fine.  For me it works on two
machines each of which is a Dell Brand using 3+ GHz P4 with
HyperThreading.  It [OSS running on Knoppix] doesn't work on a Dell P4 1.4
GHz without Hyperthreading, or with a homebrew P3 1GHz, with OSS giving
segmentation faults in both of these cases.  OSS is aware of this issue,
but not too interested as it is clearly a Knoppix issue, as OSS works fine
in my experience with Debian and Fedora Core 3, with same Kernel, as well
as with earlier Kernels.

I have uploaded an iso file with OSS and Knoppix and Linrad for those of you who want to see if your hardware works with it.

The URL is:


Let me know how you fare if you try this. There is no need to try it if the ALSA iso file works for you. If you have any problem other than a 'soundcard won't work right with Linrad' problem, this iso file will not help you.

On the CD that is generated by this iso file:

The OSS install directory [which you shouldn't touch unless all else fails] is at /knuser/oss [or /UNIONFS/knuser/oss].

The OSS working directory is at usr/lib/oss/bin or /UNIONFS/usr/lib/oss/bin].

I think to make OSS work on your machine you will need to sudo /usr/lib/oss/bin/soundconf [or /UNIONFS/usr/lib/oss/bin/soundconf], unless your sound hardware is exactly like mine. You should put the 'other' sound card [whatever it is] first, and the Delta44 second when setting the order of the soundcards as seen by OSS [OSS automatically picks this particular order here, but I
don't know if it will do this on ALL machines].

If that does not work then you might need to reinstall OSS by doing sudo /knuser/oss/oss-install [or /UNIONFS/knuser/oss/oss-install]. I believe that I have included enough of the Linux 2.6.11 source code so that oss will be happy and recompile itself if necessary. It does this with no
problems here.

I am not sure what will and will not need "sudo'ing" as I did everything from a root window here, and thus didn't need to sudo.

In the /knuser directory is a script 'lin' that should start oss, set the Delta44 sampling rate to 96000, and start Linrad. You will then need to set Linrad parameters. With my hardware and with the Delta 44 the second [last] soundcard, I choose '05' for the input soundcard under 'U', and '00' for the output soundcard. The script file is setup for the case where the Delta44 is -
d1; it will need to be rewritten if this is not the case.

If you try to run Linrad from the script I have placed before Knoppix goes to the KDE gui, even if things work, your computer will lock up when you exit Linrad; at least that is what happens here. So you might want to go to the KDE GUI and then open a root terminal and type "cd /knuser" and then "./lin" to get things started.

Again, if you had any other problem with the first iso other than a soundcard problem once in Linrad, this iso file will NOT help you and it will be a waste of your time and of the bandwidth of the server to download it and try it. And even if your problem was a soundcard problem, the odds are very good that this iso file will NOT work on your system. But it is the best I can do at this time. My [intelligence] * [experience} * [time available] product is insufficient to do better ;(

Have a great weekend, and



Roger Rehr

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