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[linrad] Re: Mingw

> > Slowly I am becoming familiar to the Windows way of doing
> > things. There are no major difficulties visible at the
> > moment but there are several little problems that I
> > think I have known how to solve, but I do not remember
> > any more. Just silly things like these:
> I am happy that you have started working on cross compiling!
It is not easy. I had hoped to use WINBGIM
but I can not link the library, not yet at least.
Seems I have to use the source code.

> About Debian, I do not understand well. Your X-window does not work, but
> the X-window system is not needed to reach the Internet. Do you mean
> that you cannot use a graphical WEB browser, or that you do not have
> Internet access from your Debian box? If the list of packages you sent
> to me in the last days belongs to your current Debian box, you do not
> have the x-window system installed. Do you have a full first Debian
> CDROM to get the x-window system? or you need the Internet to download it?
> If you have internet access and you want to surf the Internet, you can
> use a text mode browser. I like the "links2" browser.
OK, I can try that, but there has to be some command to configure X11
and then I would not have to learn to use yet another program;-)

The Internet connection is ok, I need the internet to download various
bits of code until I have something that sets up my main window correctly.

> > 2) I can not connect to Debian via FTP so I have to
> > carry a floppy disk to the Windows PC rather than
> > transferring it via Ethernet.
> You need to install the FTP server. This kind of things are not
> installed by default due to security reasons. You can install the ftpd
> package, but this is not recommended. It is recomended to install more
> modern and secure FTP servers, like the following examples for you choice:
> apt-cache search ftpd
> (I have removed many lines of the  output)
> atftpd - advanced TFTP server
> ftpd - FTP server
> ftpd-ssl - FTP server with SSL encryption support
> inetutils-ftpd - File Transfer Protocol server
> muddleftpd - A flexible and efficient FTP daemon
> oftpd - Secure anonymous FTP server
> proftpd - Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daem
> tftpd - Trivial file transfer protocol server
> vsftpd - The Very Secure FTP Daemon
> ea1abz@debian-remix:~/sm5bsz$
I have vsftpd on some other installations so I will try to install that.
Right now I am on hold because I have to prepare for the RS05 meeting
next week but I will get back to the Windows problems after returning home.

> > 3) I would like to make the linrad.exe executable over
> > the network as G:\linrad or similar, but I have no
> > idea how to do that.
> Well, if you do not want to deal with SAMBA now (too many things to
> learn for you in a few days), one solution would be to create (if
> possible) a small VFAT partition on the disk, to share data between
> Linux and Winbugs.
OK. I will forget about this. I already have Windows and a FAT partition
on the same computer, but I can not use it for development because the
boot times are very long. FTP seems the optimum solution and I had forgotten
that vsftp is the package to try firsthand:-)

> If you have a USB pendrive it could be a better solution than the
> floppies.
No, with small files, the floppies are much faster. Maybe when the exe
file grows above 100 kilobytes or so I will change for USB:-)



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