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[linrad] Re: Fedora Rocks?

Yes, a friend of mine told me that recently had that problem. I do not
know if he had fixed it yet. Last year I tried to convince him to switch
to Debian but I did not succeed ;-)

> I booted into mode 3 and graphics were fine, leading me to suspect that 
> something had happened to xorg, likely related to the recent up2date of 
> last week.  So I did an up2date from the command line and interestingly 
> enough, there were about 15 updates related to xorg.  So I surmised
> that  there had been a problem with the last up2date involving the xorg
> files,  and that Fedora had issued a set of corrections.  Scouting
> around a bit on  the web confirmed this.  No problem, but...

Nice that it was fixed.

> Now, everything works fine and Linrad runs fine.  There is a new, major 
> inconvenience however, as now when I hit 'escape' to leave Linrad, I am 
> taken not back to xwindows, but to the logon screen where I must enter 
> username and password.

Here, if I start Linrad from and x-window session,  and exit with "Esc",
I am taken back to the x-window session. I seems that this behaviour is
what you want to happen and how Fedora worked before the update.

Anyway, I have always used linrad from a pure text console on my old 486
with 24 MB of RAM (now ugraded to a pentium 200MHz, 80 MB RAM). X-window
is NOT started to run Linrad so that there are plenty of resources for
Linrad. ;-)

> So I guess that:
> 1. someone found 'a vulnerability' somewhere that caused the developers
> to  force a re-login to Fedora when one has left XWindows to run
> svgalib  [alternate explanation: there is still a bug]

It could be a remaining bug, sorry, I do not have any clue about that.

> 2.  I will now put Debian on this machine too.

It is always a good idea. ;-) I do not want to be a Debian evangelist
again, but I must recognize that I have tried several Linux and BSD
distributions (Mandrake, Gentoo, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenBSD) and I have
arrived to the conclusion that Debian is a superb thing that meets all
my needs. Mandrake is not as stable, Gentoo is for tweaking everything,
but I do not need so much tweaking, FreeBSD is a good thing and has good
collection of software, OpenBSD is a very secure thing and looks great
for setting up a server,  but has smaller collection of desktop
software; it has got a superb man pages. In general updating software on
the BSDs is more complicated and you have to learn new things as they
are different from Linux. On Debian everything is just easy and works
like a charm. Updates always work perfectly and it allows you to tweak
everything. Debian is becoming the "Universal Operating System" that
behaves as the base infraestructure up on more friendly distribution are
built (Ubuntu, Knoppix and so on). If you want something easy like
Fedora I would recomend the Ubuntu. Also Debian is the first
distribution that has a port for the HURD kernel. It is working well
know (but not stable enough) and in the future it will be the true GNU
operating system.

I think that I will stick forever with Debian for GNU/Linux, and OpenBSD
for the BSDs. I have both installed so that I can check that the little
C program I am doing compiles and work under both.

> 3.  Seeing #2 will bring out some smiles across the web.


> Although I must admit that its possible that I still have a problem
> from  the first update, based on information from these links:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=168844
> http://www.linuxcompatible.org/Fedora_Core_3_Update_xorg-x11-6.8.2-1.FC3.45.2_s55543.html
> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bugs/XorgUpdateFix
> which show that this is really a nasty RPM bug that happened to 'hose'
> the  xorg update.
> So I will try to fix things this weekend and if I get to a state where
> I  don't get booted back to the login screen each time I exit Linrad
> after  that I may keep Fedora Core 3 for a while longer.  Thereby
> proving yet  again that old habits die hard [there are plenty of other
> examples of this  in the world]...

I do not know how Fedora works, but perhaps you can start the system in
a runlevel that does not start the x-window system so that you are able
to start Linrad alone. Or perhaps you like starting Linrad from the
X-window.... I do not know what you prefer.

Anyway, thank you for your always interesting posts to this list.

73, Ramiro.

PS: I got today the Knoppix 4.0 DVD from a Spanish Linux magazine and is
 a superb thing! Amazing! Tons of software in your pocket! KDE, GNOME,
everything! (of course, is Debian based, hi,hi.)

> 73,
> Roger
> W3Sz

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