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Re: [linrad] USB soundcards

> Ermanno it looks as though that driver may work after all, the potenti
> problems are disabling all that 3D FX processing and the timing using 
> which is usually problematical. Leif how critical is the timing of the
> as it arrives at the input of the program? USB timing is notoriously b
ad for
> windows applications.
> Conrad G0RUZ

Hi Conrad ,
Creed also I. I am looking for information for use my notebook Ibm r32 
(p.IV to 1600Mhz).
I to the moment have found one external card of the Creative that is 
excellent for the characteristics in only commerce. The problem like 
you tell seem the speed, that is why I look for anybody that has 
already tried.

73 de Ermanno / ik7ezn