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[linrad] JT44 in Linux installation - off topic

Hi All,

This is rather off topic but since Linrad depends on gcc I think
it's worth to post here.

I've been working in these few days with JT44 in Linux which is
under developing by Jonathan HB9DRD/G4KLX.
You can reach LinWSJT in URL below under Software;
Jonathan made a lot of works on implementing Amateur Radio support
especially AX25 for Linux.

I firstly used existing gcc version 2.96 in my Redhat 7.2 but the
compilation failed in his source code and necessary GUI library
of wxWindows version 2.3.3 too.
Then I had decided to newly install the latest gcc 3.2 which was
installed without any problem except, ...Gee...time consuming task!
However this latest gcc didn't compile at all and I came to be frustrated.

Jonathan kindly gave me his advice to check out Redhat Errata
to get their latest gcc to update.
I followed this and now I had updated gcc 2.96-108 but this one failed
again, no help.
As Jonathan uses gcc 2.95 on SuSE 7.2 I finally went to get source
and compile gcc 2.95.3 and it turned out every thing just fine!
(BTW, gcc 2.95 didn't work, there are series of 2.95 2.95.1 2.95.2 2.95.3)

Now, you can see the version of gcc is very important.
I thought latest version should be upper compatible but it's not true.
In Leif's page "Linux dsp radio under different Linux distributions"
he describes in detail of different platform;
Though there is no description of gcc version used, Leif?

I hope this is of help.

Kohjin - JR1EDE