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Re: [linrad] Linrad with SuSe 7.3

Hallo Ernst,
I have no problems in compiling any linrad version on SuSE 7.3. You do not
say which is the error reported.
Setting up the sound is trickier ( at least on my Thinkpad 600e which has a
strange sound card). SuSE has in fact the alsa driver as a basis. Older
Linrad versions ( like #35) had problems with alsa but I have no probe]lems
with #44 and higher.
Problem with linrad is that for each mixer setting one has to restart linrad
as it does with me not survive console switching.
I start always checking if the mixer etc run well by testing with the
krecord programme which has a nice record input strength indicator. Once
that runs well linrad should accept the ad convertor setting procedure.
Sometimes it can be useful to delete the /dev/dsp* "files" and then run in
the /dev directory the script ./MAKEDEV audio. This has sometimes solved my
problems by reinstalling the /dev/dsp* devs. That script might not be in
your installation. I found it at the suse ftp site as makedev.rpm.
Arie, PA0EZ

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> Hello,
> i am an linux beginner, my only interest on linux is to keep linrad
> with SuSe 7.3. With the linrad version 00-35 i can finish installation and
> start linrad. After starting the hardware check, there seems to be no
> card. Now i tried to install the newer linux 00-46 and 00-47 versions.
> entering the command "make" i get several error messages, thats all.
> Thanks in advance for any informations, that could help me to get linrad
> running under SuSe 7.3
> Ernst, dl2lac