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[linrad] Re:spectran,dspfil, please clarify

>Arie and others
>You wrote....I am still looking for a dsp programme which makes 
>deciphering of morse
>signals buried in the noise better than the SP in my head does it....

Please clarify this kind of statement a little bit more.

I copy LF signals using Spectran with 90 second dits and 180 second dashes 
that are more than 30 dB below what anyone can hear with their ears, repeat 
anyone can hear with their ears.

It is important to qualify that the CW you are copying is in real time or 
very near real time, a lot of folks are getting the impression that DSP 
does not have much to offer and there are times when that is the case.  But 
it does not have to be the case and with some signals it is NOT the case.