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Re: [linrad] Linrad with SuSe 7.3

Hallo Ernst,

It appears you have not installed the programme autoconf. It is, however,
present in your SuSE distribution. You have to go to yast to the module
where you can change the programmes to be installed,  In the list of
available programmes you will see that no i is printed in front of autoconf.
Click it and an X appears, click ok and the programme will install. But at
the same time you have to check if nasm and svgalib are installed. If not
you must install those as well
Arie, PA0EZ

----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----
Van: e <ECarstensen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Aan: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Verzonden: 2 oktober 2002 20:53
Onderwerp: [linrad] Linrad with SuSe 7.3

> Hello,
> thanks for the replies on my question about my problems with the
> installation of linrad under SuSe 7.3. (I can install linrad 3.5 without
> error-codes during installation, but when upgrading to linrad 4.6 or 4.7 i
> get errors).
> But there is still a problem:
> During installation of linrad 4.6 or 4.7 i
> first  run   ./clean
> then         ./configure
> (up to here, i get very much messages, but there seems to be no error
> message
> then i type    make
> Now i get the following messages on the screen:
> autoconf
> make: autoconf: Command not found
> make: ***[configure] Error 127
> when trying to start linrad with       ./linrad
> i get: no such file or directory
> As i wrote before, i am an linux beginner, so i can still type the
> without knowing exactly, what i am doing (I am grown up under CPM,DOS and
> Windows)
> Thanks in advance for any informations, that help me keeping linrad
> ernst, dl2lac