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Re: [linrad] Help!

Oops! I made a mistake!

At 10:55 02/10/31 +0900, JR1EDE wrote:
>Hi Sigurd,
>You can use main.c I forwarded to you but I would recommend
>you to download the latest version lir00-48 from;
>It already doesn't have the multi line statement.

I'm sorry 'main.c' in the latest version still has the multi line statement.
So, what you would do is to replace it by the file I have forwarded.
It was posted at 12th Oct by Leif.
Of course you can do that by editing the file, it is simple work.

Remember gcc version 3.2 (perhaps 3.0 and later) is the most
current one but it's different, more standard they claim.

Kohjin - JR1EDE