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[linrad] QEX---Linrad---Now! ;)

Hello, All!

The November/December QEX, which I just got, has a continuation of its
recent GREAT articles on software radios.

There is an Excellent article that I think will be of interest to
members of the list.  It is "Linrad: New Possibilities for the
Communications Experimenter, Part 1".  It is written by Leif Asbrink,
SM5BSZ.  I will make this short as I want to go finish the article ;)

If you didn't subscribe to QEX before, you must now do so ;)

There are also articles on Intermodulation and Reciprocal Mixing by
Ulrich Rohde, and 'A Software Defined Radio for the Masses, Part3", and
an article on using the Z3801A GPS frequency standard, a device which
several of use have found very useful.  If you subscribe now to QEX
maybe you can get a copy of this issue (and the july/august and
september/october issues too), before there are no more left.  But if
you wait they will all be gone :(

Gotta go...gotta read...


Roger Rehr
W3SZ   FN20ah
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA  19609-1718