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Re: [linrad] Proposed data bank

   Hello All,

Roger, W3SZ and myself have been talking about starting a
Linrad hardware/software Data Bank to help those who are
getting started with Linrad.

This writing is the announcement of the idea and perhaps the
start of the  implementation.
So Roger and I think that now that interest in LINRAD is
picking up, it would be useful to setup a data bank with
a Web site with information on running systems. 
     The URL for the new site is:
Leif's Web pages and particularly his Linrad pages are 
a superb source of information on all things Linrad.  However, 
there is a need for a site that is kept up to date with simple 
information on what does and doesn't work in hardware and 
Operating system and software wise (e.g. gcc versions,
svgalib versions, Linux versions), and it would be difficult for 
Leif to keep up with all of that on his site.  Also, an evolving 
FAQ-type of page would be useful but time consuming for Leif to 

We think that first of all, most of us are not really into Linux 
( yet ) 

So if we want to get into this project, questions like:
   - What computer, CPU, speed
   - Memory
   - CD drive,
   - RAM,  
   - Video, Monitor 
   - Soundcard(s)
   - Linux version
   - computer with Linux OS only 
   - Linux with other OS ( windows ) etc
   - Things to avoid.
   - Experiences in building and usage.
    are to be answered at one point or another.
The idea for the data bank is to collect data on working
systems and perhaps some processing of the data later on, 
to help newcomers in selecting, buying on flea markets or 
other places as eBay and so on, to get the system going with 
a minimum of work and cost. 

We hope you get the idea, and will contribute your system
data and experiences in constructing your system and in the use
of it. 
For this to work we need input from you in terms of hardware/
software, experiences in installing, suggestions on other 
approaches etc.
Roger and I are open to ideas how to do it or even not to do
it, It must be seen in combination with the LINRAd reflector,
and the archive where the question and answering will take 
place as well as other discussions
For now we hope to collect just data and will worry about 
the presentation later.

Roger and I hope to receive your inputs to that we can
contribute in the enabling of many in the LINRAD project.
      Roger, W3SZ
      Rein, W6/PA0ZN