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Re: [linrad] Linrad00-49a

Hi Leif,

Thanks for the update, it runs fine as well.

At 17:06 02/11/17 +0100, Leif SM5BSZ wrote:
>Linrad00-49 has a control interface to set 
>the frequency for the hardware. The routine hwaredriver.c 
>will fit the WSE RXxxxx hardware but this routine can be 
>changed to fit more or less any hardware that can be 
>controlled by a computer. The frequency scale is now 
>shifted to show the actual radio frequency and the 
>spectrum can be reversed in case the hardware produces 
>an inverted spectrum. When raw data is saved in Linrads 
>own format, time and frequency are now stored in the 
>data file.

Would you please spend your time for us to explain how to use
the new small control window?
If any web page has been created then please let us know.

Kohjin - JR1EDE