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[linrad] re: CS5396

Hi OM.

> Thanks to Pete, KC1HR I now know that there is an ADC
> chip CS5396 from (http://www.cirrus.com).
> This is a 24 bit 96kHz stereo AD converter and there
> is an evaluation board for it.
> The CS5396 is 20dB better than the Delta 44!!

What does make you so happy ?
Almost every companies that develop ADC device have evaluation board
for their products.

For example;
You can get information about evaluation board of the most advanced
AD converter from;


AK5394A is a 24 bit 192kHz stereo AD converter with s/n 123db.
The evaluation board also has printer, coax, and optic interfaces like
I don't believe the cirrus can develop better analog device than the akm.

Anyway, problem is always the cost.